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  • October 1, 2019

Tips to help assess if a Mortgage Broker is any good

Generally, an experienced Melbourne Mortgage Broker interacts with multiple lending institutions lenders and will have developed an in-depth knowledge of their respective lending policies and assessment criteria.

This in-depth knowledge, supported by years of experience, allows them to work quickly and effectively to uncover the best loan for you in your circumstances and makes them ideal choices for those seeking firefighter home loans or other loans that require a high degree of expertise to ensure the best outcomes.

As you will be dealing with your Melbourne Mortgage Broker during all phases of the mortgage loan application process, a key thing you should consider when trying to find the right broker, is to making sure you are comfortable with their approach, and you feel that they are worthy of your trust.

Apart from viewing their website testimonials the following website Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) can be used to determine if the Melbourne Mortgage Broker you are considering, is a member of this industry body.

Most members of the Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) will have at least a diploma, and many have other qualifications such as degrees in finance, economics or accounting, so membership of this body generally denotes a practiced professional.

It also pays to ensure that the broker you are considering also holds a credit licence or is an authorised representative of a credit licence holder. Dealing with someone un-licenced should be avoided at all times.

It can also be helpful to request trusted sources, like relatives and friends who have previously utilised the services of a Melbourne Mortgage Broker to obtain Firefighter Home Loans or any other type of home loan, who they used and what their experiences were of that broker.

Another key indicator of a good Melbourne Mortgage Broker is the number of financial institutions they can access to assess your suitability to qualify for a mortgage loan. A good broker should have access to at least 30 lenders, which should be a mix of bank and non-bank institutions.

Choosing a mortgage broker is all about creating a long-term relationship and a wrong choice can result in a loss for you, be it money, time or both. Choose wisely.

Remember that Oz Lend are very experienced and totally trustworthy Melbourne Mortgage brokers who specialise in Loans for Emergency Services Workers, their families and their friends who do not have to be involved with the Emergency Services, for us to also help them.

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