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  • April 3, 2019

Mortgage Loan Solutions for Cheltenham Paramedics and SES Personnel

Those who respond, when emergencies occur in your local area, include paramedics and SES volunteers. We rely on these paid and unpaid champions of the community, to save our lives and clean up around us, after all forms of accidents and natural events of the unwanted variety.

Our paramedics and SES Loans volunteers have similar needs to our own when it comes to housing their families, but when it comes to arranging mortgage loans, they often have more difficulties than most, especially if they want to live close to or within the communities they serve so obligingly and we have mortgage broker in Cheltenham.

In the case of paramedics, the fact that they receive a base pay plus shift and overtime allowances as part of their total remuneration, can cause difficulties when seeking mortgage finance because many lenders will only consider the actual base pay component of total remuneration, when determining a paramedics ability to repay borrowings.

This situation results in loans being declined or being approved for far less amounts than needed to affect the proposed property purchase. This is a key reason why paramedics can often not afford to purchase properties within the communities they service. The downside for paramedics, is long commutes to get home, after completing long 12-hour shifts doing their stressful and lifesaving work.

One solution to the problem is for paramedics to consider our Paramedic Loans Cheltenham and surrounding suburbs program which aims to assist paramedics to obtain mortgage finance from lenders who will consider total remuneration during their loan assessment process, offer highly competitive interest rates, and provide special terms in respect to mortgage insurance that are not available to the general public.

Paramedic Loans Cheltenham is a way in which Oz Lend does our best, to assist those who tirelessly perform their invaluable duties for their fellow community members, day in and day out.

Obtaining approval for a loan for State Emergency Services personnel to fund a property purchase can also present problems if the volunteer concerned is not in full-time employment, or is self-employed as many are, including our own credit advisor, Vlad Makutonin.

If you are an SES volunteer, the SES Loans Cheltenham and surrounding suburbs program, which was established to identify lenders who appreciate the services of volunteers and encourage them to be a little more flexible in their loan assessment processes, may help you to obtain the loan you require to complete a planned property purchase.

SES Loans Cheltenham is a program that Oz Lend created to ensure that a loan for State Emergency Services personnel is a little easier to obtain than it might otherwise be for SES volunteers that directly approach the major lenders for a home loan.

Should you be a busy paramedic or SES volunteer, you will probably have many friends who have used the services of a mortgage broker, but not all mortgage brokers have access to or have built good relationships with the specific lenders available to you via the Paramedics Loans Cheltenham and the SES Loans Cheltenham programs as designed by Oz Lend.

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