Murrumbeena Property Buyers need to get the Right Advice at the Right Time from a Professional Mortgage Advisor servicing the Murrumbeena area.

Located approximately 13km south-east of Melbourne’s Central Business District, Murrumbeena (a small quiet suburb) is one of the best-kept secrets in Melbourne. It is a mostly residential suburb where development activity over recent years has seen many beautifully designed, luxury townhomes being erected. These new townhouses complement the existing housing stock and are attracting a younger generation seeking to enjoy all that Murrumbeena has to offer.

Why Murrumbeena Property Buyers should seek Assistance from a Professional Mortgage Advisor.

Choosing an experienced professional mortgage advisor helps you to navigate the complexities involved obtaining mortgage finance and will you save time and energy.

Committing to take out a mortgage loan will be one of the largest financial decisions you are ever likely to make so professional assistance is highly recommended.

It is a challenging task to find the right mortgage to suits your circumstances. A professional mortgage broker servicing Murrumbeena will help you obtain the right loan at the right terms and conditions.

Oz Lend is your local mortgage loan expert with an experience of over 16 years. We help you in getting the right loan at the right time.

Whether you need a loan to fund:

  • A new property purchase,
  • A property refurbishment,
  • Property development, or
  • The refinance of an existing principal and interest or interest-only property loan

We can assist you to obtain the best mortgage loan available from a selection of over 30 lenders. The mortgage loans we can access enable you to fund:

  • First home purchases
  • Purchase of second and subsequent homes
  • Investment property purchases
  • Renovation Projects and
  • Development Projects

In addition to this, if you are seeking to refinance an existing loan, we assist you in determining which mortgage lender is the best fit for you. You can refinance an existing loan for many reasons including:

  • To reduce your current repayment (by obtaining a lower interest rate)
  • To reduce your current repayments (by extending the life of the loan)
  • To shorten the life of your loan (by reduce total number of repayments)
  • To move from an interest-only fixed period loan to longer-term principal and interest loan.

Why Choose Oz Lend?

At Oz Lend, we thrive on taking the hard work out of the loan application process. We utilise our years of experience in dealing with a lending panel of over 30 lenders to help you to obtain the right loan at the correct rate, and under the right terms and conditions.

Oz Lend is fully compliant with all current Industry Legislation and Regulations and we are a member of Australia’s Mortgage and Finance Association. (MFAA).

We are backed by one of the giant mortgage industry aggregators (FAST), who offer a vast range of lending options for borrowers and great deals due to the volumes of loans achieved through their aggregation activity.

We only employ credit advisors who have completed their financial services diploma – mortgage broking and financial planning.

Murrumbeena residents can connect with us on 1300 438 669 to book a meeting with an authorised credit representative to set in motion your mortgage loan application.

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