Choose the Best Mortgage Broker in Moorabbin Area to Enhance Your Financial Future

With a great history, Moorabbin, a residential and industrial suburb, is conveniently located just 15km south-east of Melbourne’s central business district. Today, there are nearly as many mortgage brokers in Moorabbin as there are available home loans, but finding the right one, is essential to your financial future.

Searching for the Best Mortgage Adviser in Moorabbin

Applying for a mortgage or a personal loan, car finance, commercial loan, refinancing or debt consolidation can be a very daunting task. There are many challenges like searching the right deals, preparing applications, keeping track of loan progress, and much more.

It is, therefore, important to find the best mortgage broker in Moorabbin to ensure you get the best outcome for your specific circumstances.

Oz Lend is your ideal choice if you are looking for the best mortgage brokers in the Moorabbin area.

Oz Lend, your Moorabbin area mortgage advisors, thrive on taking the hard work out of the loan process for you. We research the market and guide you with the best financial solution based on your individual needs.

Whether you need a loan to fund;

  • A new property purchase,
  • A property refurbishment,
  • A property development, or
  • To refinance an existing principal and interest or interest-only property loan,

we have got you covered.

Acting as your mortgage advisor in Moorabbin, Oz Lend will provide you with the correct guidance and match your unique requirements to a suitable loan/lender.
You can then use the approved mortgage loan to fund;

  • First home purchases,
  • Purchases of second and subsequent homes,
  • Investment property purchases,
  • Renovation projects, and
  • Development projects

Reasons to Choose Oz Lend

At Oz Lend, we assist you in sourcing mortgage loans from specific financial institutions which we see as being best placed to meet each of the different funding situations.

We save you time and energy by providing the best financial and mortgage advice.

We utilise our well-established relationships, and over 16 years of experience in dealing with a lending panel of over 30 lenders, to get you the best outcome.

We help streamline the process of obtaining the right loan, at the right rate, and under the right terms and conditions for you and your family.

Seeking to refinance an existing loan

Oz Lend not only assist new home loans but also assist when you need to refinance an existing loan.

There are ample reasons why you might need to refinance an existing loan. These include;

  • To reduce the current repayments by extending the life of the loan
  • To obtain a lower interest rate
  • To reduce the total repayments
  • To move from an interest-only to a fixed period loan

Oz Lend is an established player with over 16 years of experience in the mortgage broking industry. We only employ credit advisers who have completed their Diploma in Financial Services – Mortgage Broking and Financial Planning.

Connect us today on 1300 438 669 and book a meeting to discuss your mortgage loan requirements.

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