Bringing Joy of Own Home with the Best Mortgage Broker in Melbourne

Victoria’s capital city, Melbourne is one of the largest business, cultural, sporting and recreational cities in the southern hemisphere. It is a dreamland for anyone and everyone. Melbourne has something for everyone from entertainment to sports to arts and culture and attractions and landmarks.

Melbourne is one of the most affordable cities when compared to Hong Kong, Singapore and Sydney. In addition to this, the city is home to some of the best educational institutions right from kindergarten to university education. Today Melbourne has become an appealing property destination, and therefore, finding the right mortgage broker in Melbourne is crucial. Oz Lend is one of Melbourne’s most trusted mortgage advisors with an experience of more than 16 years. With the network of more than 40 reputed mortgage lenders in Melbourne, we are an ideal choice for your mortgage needs.

Why Do You Need a Mortgage Broker in Melbourne?

Today the sky’s the limit when you want to go for a mortgage in Melbourne. But not all the mortgage lenders in Melbourne will always be suitable for you. A mortgage broker in Melbourne will first understand your exact requirements and then provide you with the correct guidance.

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    Reasons for Loan

    The first thing any mortgage broker needs to know is the exact reason for your loan. Some of the common reasons could be:

    • A new property purchase,
    • A property refurbishment,
    • A property development, or
    • To refinance an existing principal and interest or interest-only property loan

    Apart from these many people seek to refinance an existing loan to,

    • Reduce your current repayments by obtaining a lower interest rate
    • Reduce your current repayments by extending the life of the loan
    • Shorten the life of your loan to reduce total repayments required
    • Move from an interest-only fixed period loan to a longer-term principal and interest loan

    Why Choose Oz Lend as a Mortgage Broker in Melbourne?

    Oz Lend is an established player in the mortgage broking industry. We focus on delivering the best mortgage broking services to all our clients. We believe that it is vital for you to trust the advice you receive and so it is essential to choose the correct mortgage broker in Melbourne.

    Our mortgage advisors are available to assist you with all your finance needs. They will take out the confusion and explain what each mortgage lender is offering transparently. Our team would help you in making the right mortgage decision.

    Oz Lend is fully compliant with all current Industry Legislation and Regulations. We only employ credit advisors who have completed their Diploma in Financial Services- Mortgage Broking and Financial Planning.

    We apply our knowledge and expertise to match the most appropriate loan product from over 30 different lenders to suit your borrowing requirements.

    We deeply understand that every individual’s situation is unique and has different challenges, and we help accordingly to achieve the optimal financial outcome.

    We do not levy fees to provide our services in Melbourne and help you save time and energy.

    Today, connect with us to book a meeting with our Authorised Credit Representative to discuss your mortgage loan requirements. We are one of the best mortgage advisors in Melbourne. You can connect with us on 1300 438 669.