A Reliable Mortgage Broker Servicing Clayton for Home Loan and Refinance Requirements:

Oz Lend offers comprehensive mortgage services to help borrowers get the most suitable loan as per their specific needs. We streamline your loan obtaining process, which is often complex, daunting, and time-consuming.

Consult our Mortgage Broker Servicing Clayton and Get the Most Suitable Loan:

If you are self-employed and have a modest income or your loan application has been rejected previously and you are struggling to find a suitable lender, Oz Lend is here to provide guidance and direct assistance. With over sixteen years of industry experience, we now have direct access to more than thirty lenders, allowing us to compare and find a deal that works in your best interest. Our knowledgeable mortgage broker servicing Clayton patiently understands your current situation and offers the best advice for getting a new mortgage or refinancing your existing loan.

Our Mortgage Broker Servicing Clayton Helps in Sourcing a Loan for:

  • First home purchase
  • Purchasing second and subsequent home
  • New investment property
  • Renovation project
  • Development project

Get Refinancing Advice from a Trusted Mortgage Broker Servicing Clayton:

Our mortgage brokers servicing Clayton have extensive experience in dealing with a panel of more than thirty lenders, allowing them to provide the best options for home loan refinancing to our clients. If your current monthly repayments are destabilising your financial condition, you should look for refinancing to reduce your monthly repayments, either by obtaining a lower interest rate or extending your loan repayment period. Our authorised credit representatives help you find the best available refinancing loan ideal for your current financial situation and in alignment with your future goals.

Why Choose Our Mortgage Broker Servicing Clayton:

We have the required experience to guide you in getting the required home loan. Whether you are buying a new home, a second home, an investment property, or looking for refinancing, you can count on us for getting the best results.

Call us on 1300 438 669 to book your appointment with our qualified broker servicing Clayton.

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