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  • June 24, 2019

How to Avoid Problems with Refinancing Emergency Services Workers Loans

Anyone looking to Refinance a Home Mortgage in Bentleigh, or any other suburb in metropolitan Melbourne, needs access to a good mortgage broker to ensure that their interests take precedence over those of the bank, which currently holds the mortgage.

Existing Loans for Emergency Services Workers that require refinancing, especially if they were interest only loans in the first instance, can be particularly difficult to renegotiate with the current mortgage lender.

Engaging a skilled Melbourne mortgage broker, to negotiate on your behalf with your lender, or to assist you to source refinancing from a different lender, can ease the pain of the process, and generally smooth the way towards obtaining the necessary outcome.

Not all mortgage brokers have access to the small number of lenders who are willing to consider the total earnings of Emergency Services workers, when those workers need to Refinance a Home Mortgage, in Bentleigh or elsewhere.

Refinancing for interest only loans, can be particularly difficult when the interest only period expires, especially for emergency services workers who need to refinance such terminating loans. As the consequences of not obtaining a refinance deal can be quite severe, any emergency services worker with loans requiring refinancing, should seek out a Melbourne Mortgage Broker with both the access to the few lenders who can generally assist, and the experience to negotiate on your behalf, to successfully refinance your loan.

As a member of the FAST group, one of Australia’s leading mortgage aggregators, Oz Lend has both the access to the few lenders who will consider the total earnings of Emergency Services workers wanting new loans or needing to Refinance a Home Mortgage in Bentleigh or elsewhere, and we have more than 15 years of experience in writing new loans and refinancing existing mortgage loans.

Rather than wait until all other avenues have been exhausted, and you are feeling the pressure associated with the risk that your loan to Refinance your Home Mortgage in Bentleigh or elsewhere will not be approved in time, or at all, contact us at Oz Lend, and put us to work for you.

Remember that Oz Lend are Melbourne Mortgage brokers who specialise in Loans for Emergency Services Workers, their families, and their friends who do not have to be involved with the Emergency Services, for us to also help them to Refinance their Home Mortgage in Bentleigh or elsewhere.

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