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A Beginner’s Guide to Long-Term Property Investment

A Melbourne Mortgage Advisor will confirm that Investing in property is an activity that has the potential to earn a substantial return on investment and provide a solid foundation for future wealth generation.  Property investors who judiciously select their investment properties, enjoy a consistent flow of rental income and impressive growth in property value over […]

Melbourne Mortgage Advisor Shares 3 Hurdles to Loan Approval

Applying for a mortgage loan can become a stressful, time consuming, and frustrating process without the aid of a Melbourne Mortgage Advisor. As banks are tightening eligibility criteria and digging further into the evidence provided in loan applications to minimise their risk, the services of a Melbourne Mortgage Advisor are more necessary than ever before. [...]

Why Your Mortgage Broker is the Key to Getting a Great Mortgage

Building a good relationship with a reputable and experienced mortgage broker, and sharing with them your broader life goals, will help you to source the best mortgage on terms that align with your specific needs. Utilising a combination of your life goals and current financial circumstances, your mortgage broker can tailor a mortgage loan application [...]

Mortgage Broker Melbourne Defined and Explained

This blog defines the term Mortgage Broker Melbourne and explains its role. Additionally, it outlines the benefits of mortgage-backed finance to buy a property. Mortgage Broker – Definition Mortgage Broker Melbourne is any licensed professional providing mortgage broking services. A broker assist you to locate, apply, and get mortgage-loan approval for the: Buying a residential [...]

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