Indicative Case Studies

Beware of 95% of Property Value Loan Offers


Jack and Mary, both employed full-time, carefully saved $35,000 for a deposit to buy an investment property to

assure their long-term future…

Refinancing to reduce monthly mortgage payments

Jerry and Kate are in their 40’s and are both full time salaried employees. Their salaries consist of standard hourly rates,

shift loadings and regular overtime….

Refinancing to shorten loan term


Joe and Melissa purchased a house several years ago when they had known credit issues. At the time they were forced to

borrow the funds required, from a non-conforming lender, at very high interest rates. Their loan term was a long 30


Refinancing to consolidate debts


Frank and Jessica met whilst both working full-time for different employers. They got married soon after, and

subsequently purchased their first home for $690,000, borrowing 85% of the purchase price, with nothing left over after

they settled on their purchase…

Borrowing 85% of the property value with no

Lenders Mortgage Insurance


Jane is a busy single mother who juggles working shifts as a paramedic with her ongoing child raising responsibilities…

Borrowing more than 100% of Property Valuation

Chris and Belinda were both working in stressful customer facing roles and were long term renters of an inner-city


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